France in a campervan?

You like France and French culture and you want discover the country with an original way : try the campervans of Freedom Camper ! 8 reasons to discover France in a campervan :

1 – Easy to come to Freedom Camper agency, only 2 hours 40 from London by Eurostar 🙂
Take your train to St Pancras train station and 2 hours 40 after you are in Disneyland train station.

2 – Free shuttle from the train station
From Disneyland train station, only 5 minutes to go to our agency. Don't worry we are coming to pick you up with our Freedom Camper shuttle.

3 – Keep calm and have a cup of tea
You are warmly welcomed in our agency, take your time and have a rest in our Relaxation room with toilets, shower, sofas, travel magazines and a warm coffee or tea.

4 – We teach you how to use the campervan
Before you get ready to your trip, we ll show you the operation of the camper van in order to tame the vehicle.

5 – Organize your stuff and travel light
We ll give you the time necessary to settle and organize your stuff inside the camper van. Don't forget that you have the option of leaving your large suitcases, we take care of them during your trip. If necessary, you can rent soft and light backpacks during your stay for more comfort and space savings.

6 – Some tips and tricks before your adventure …
If you have no idea of routes during your travel, no problem ask us, we have circuits to recommend you. You are a fan of mountain, hiking, surfing, or you want to discover French gastronomy, we guide you if necessary.

Now you are ready ! Travel safely and serenely with our Volkswagen campervans.

7 – Need something ? Contact us !
Please feel free to contact us on your way, we are always here to answer or to help you.

8 – After your trip we continue to take care of you
When you get back from your adventure, take your time to have a shower and a cup of tea before take your train. We ll give you back all your personal effects and when you get ready, we drop you off at the Disneyland train station, direction home by the Eurostar.

We hope and we ll do our utmost to make your stay in France unforgettable 🙂 .

Soooooooo many things to visit in France so easily & freely with a campervan.

Choice the best campervan for your travel here !

Discover the top French destinations:

Mont saint Michel: French famous monument in Normandy
Paris : la Tour Eiffel, Louvre Museum , Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, Concorde place, Montmartre, Sacré Cœur…
Nice: Mediterranean coast with the famous English walk
The Bordeaux wine region, Saint Emilion and Montbazillac
Alsace and eastern France with the Alps mountain range.
Carcassonne: The City of Carcassonne is a restored medieval architectural monument
Pays Basque: Region on the Atlantic coast known for her gastronomy and her superb surfing spot


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